COSS Conductor Rail Permit (COSS CRP)

For COSS holders who are required to receive a Conductor Rail Permit. Responsible for a group working within 300mm of an uncovered conductor rail (DCCR Level 1)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements for a CRP.
  • Understand and identify components of the DCCR system.
  • Understand the planning and isolation process.
  • Understand the 3 risk levels when working on or near conductor rails.
  • Understand the different issuers of CRP and the CRP brief.
  • Demonstrate use of a LLT and the Test Before Touch rule.
  • Accurately complete the relevant sections of a CRP.
  • Understand the process when relieved of duty and handback.

What do you need to attend this course?

  • You must have a valid sponsor who will complete the booking form.
  • You must hold both current PTS DCCR competence and COSS.
  • Have a good level of literacy.


1/2 day (OLP and CRP 1 day together)

What happens after I pass the course?

Your Sentinel Track Safety card will be updated to include COSS CRP. Your workplace assessments must also include the CRP element.

Request a course

There are no scheduled sessions available for this training course, but we often arrange courses on request. Please call us on 01925 813897 or complete our Course Request form.


  • All our training includes lunch.
  • All equipment is provided, no need for laptops
  • Free tea, coffee and refreshments supplied
  • Free WIFI available for all delegates
  • Multi Faith prayer room
  • Accessible toilet

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