How we started

PPS Rail was formed in 2013 by Railway Interface Planning professionals who goal was to build and provide a focused Railway Access integrated planning solution.

Recognising the difficulties that can arise which leaves the clients with no immediate support from other sources, PPS Rail developed a workable integrated solution that our clients enjoy which results in maximum access with no disruption to the project plan.

The staff at PPS Rail are only recruited on personal recommendations to ensure that a Railway professional attitude is maintained from the Top down.

Where we are now

From a starting position PPS Rail have enjoyed and continue to work on some of the countries prestigious projects as well as offering a one to one service with multiple clients to ensure that their access requirements are maintained to deliver the objective .

PPS Rail have enjoyed awards such as Rail staff Award for Infrastructure possession team of the year and we are delighted to have been recognised by our fellow colleagues.

Never one to stand still PPS Rail invested in a new self-purpose built training centre and was overwhelmed when Rail professionals of an extremely high calibre recognised our commitment to do things the “Rail” way and joined PPS Rail to ensure its success.

Where are we going?

2018 yet again sees PPS Rail looking forward and not standing still. We have agreed a strategic merger with MECX Group. MECX Group have acquired a significant interest in PPS Rail bringing the PPS business under the umbrella of the MECX Group of companies. This acquisition by MECX will provide the funding and support required to grow PPS Rail in line with our strategic business growth plan. We will be able to substantially increase and improve our training provision to railway clients nationwide and increase investment into the expansion of our specialist rail planning capability. PPS Rail will continue to operate independently of the other core MECX business units but have the capacity to draw down group support as and when required.